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Technology Use at TCPCS

Posted Date: 09/06/2022

To the Parents and Guardians of Taylor’s Crossing Public Charter School,


We have been fortunate to put our school in a situation where all our students are all able to now enjoy the opportunity to use Chromebooks or laptops to assist in their education. This is huge advantage for our students as they can access a variety of tools to benefit them in their learning. As a Harbor school, the focus will always center around direct instruction where our teachers are the source of information, but technology is a tool we use to supplement what is being taught by our teachers.


With all the technology use, we want to be sure that parents, guardians and students are aware of all the rules, regulations and policies that govern its’ use. We try our best to teach our students the proper use of technology, but we need the support at home to ensure that these rules are followed to protect both the student and the school.


On our website, there is a button on the home page titled “Technology” where all the documentation can be found to learn about and sign for the policies and procedures of technology use at Taylor’s Crossing. There is also an opportunity to pay for optional insurance to cover costs of potentially damaged Chromebooks and laptops.
  Network & Device Agreement (Required to sign)

  One to One Chromebook Student and Parent/Guardian Responsible Use Agreement (Required to sign)

  Student Laptop Agreement (Required to sign)

  Technology Device costs WITH and WITHOUT Voluntary Protection Insurance Plan

  Technology Tickets

  Technology Use Notification (Required to sign)

  Voluntary Chromebook Protection Plan Agreement (Required to sign)

We ask that all forms be signed by parents and students before September 21st, 2022!

Some of our elementary school students (particularly in the older grades) may have teachers that encourage them to take Chromebooks home to do work, but for the most part, the technology stays here at school. Regardless if they go home or not, I would encourage elementary families to take advantage of the insurance due to the potential of something happening in class that could damage the Chromebooks.
I trust my son with his Chromebook as he is very careful with it, knowing it is not his, but I purchase the insurance because I am not sure that I trust the people around him that may knock the Chromebook off his desk and crack a screen. It just gives me peace of mind knowing that if something out if his control happens, the costs are minimal ($30 for the year). It’s an easier pill for me to swallow as opposed to paying the costs that are displayed on the technology device sheet with and without insurance.


We encourage you to look at and sign the policies and procedures to use the Chromebooks and laptops and to remind your students that they are not to be used for personal reasons. We can track all logins and revoke privileges if students are not using them for the intended purpose of education.

Thank you for your time, 

Seth H. Boyle

Seth H. Boyle

Administrator / Assistant Athletic Director

 (916) 420-7057