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The Taylor’s Crossing Public Charter School Parent Faculty Administration is more commonly known as the TCPCS PFA.

Every parent or guardian with a student at the school is welcome to join the PFA and get involved.  There is no cost to join and getting involved enables us to have a stronger community.

Our purpose is to give parents and faculty opportunities to work together to discover the needs of the school, and then to provide the manpower and financial support necessary to bring these ideas to reality.

There are four officers of the TCPCS PFA that serve as the board, and the 2020-2021 officers are:

President – Kathy Martin

Vice President – LeDawn Bolstrom

Treasurer – Janette Wells

Secretary – Melissa Johansson

While it has been challenging to operate while doing our part to social distance during the pandemic, we are still doing what we can to fill the needs at the school.

  • We hosted a PFA table at back-to-school night, and 43 volunteers signed up to help with projects.

  • When the CARES Act free lunches for all students, created the need for additional kitchen staff, the PFA volunteers helped for several weeks, until another paid person could be hired and trained.

  • We have provided dinners during both Parent Teacher Conferences and are planning for the next event now.

  • Teacher’s Appreciation Week, and staff appreciation are just around the corner. We will need PFA volunteers to decorate the teacher doors and do other little things throughout the week to show how much we appreciate these “angels”.After finishing last school year in a “home-schooled situation” I have an even greater appreciation for our teachers. Let’s show them our love and appreciation!

  • And…did you know there is a Vice Principal Appreciation Week (April 5th- 9th, 2021).We appreciate Mrs. Kolson so much!

  • And…Principals have their own “day”.This year it falls on Saturday, May 1st, 2021, so let’s make sure Mr. Boyle enjoys that day off.

  • Administrative Professional’s Day April 21, 2021

  • Teacher Appreciation May 3 – May 7, 2021

  • We held one of our best Scholastic Book Fairs ever, in November, at a time when many schools weren’t even open.This event qualified us for a Buy One Get One (BOGO) event which we are planning for the week of April 20, 2021.

  • This year we implemented a program at the school, where each Friday, students with birthdays to celebrate are able to pick a free book from our “Birthday-Book” rack.The kids have absolutely loved this, and it is great to hear how excited they are about this program.Whatever we can do to help foster a love of reading!

Parents can support this effort when they shop online at and place book club orders using code QCM37 (Taylor’s Crossing with Kathy Martin).

Through March 2021, student orders over $25 placed online are eligible for FREE shipping to your home, and a FREE (up-to $5 book) when you use the coupon code READS.

Orders of $50, if split into two, would give you 2 FREE books, etc.

The school gains points for each order placed using that Code QCM37, and Kathy Martin can assist you with any questions you have.

  • With our book purchases we are also able to help the library grow, by adding in new titles that they do not already have.

    • First annual Book Swap is scheduled for February 24th and 25th, 2021.Here is the chance for your child to bring in a new or gently used book they would like to trade for another book.Watch for more details coming soon!

  • Additional ways you can support the school is by downloading the “Box-Tops for Education” App on your phones, and when you purchase grocery items branded with the BTFE logo, scan your receipt and the school receives $0.10 for each one.Some products are worth multiple points, so something worth 12 points would give us $1.20 for your purchase.It may not seem like much, but every penny adds up.

  • That brings us to “Penny Wars”.Talk about every penny adds up.We have used this fun way for the classes to compete to see who can bring in the most pennies.Any silver coins are used to sabotage the competing classes to gain an advantage.Last year we raised around $1200 that helped the teachers purchase classroom supplies.

  • Sales of Value-Cards are another way we have raised funds to pay for projects. With the new cards, there is a link to access the phone App, which now features 700,000 discounts usable across the nation. No need to carry around a bunch of coupons.Just keep your phone charged and you are good to go! Cards are $20 and are good for an entire year.

Some items the school has identified that they would like to acquire include:

  • A sound system for the gymnasium that could be utilized for assemblies, sporting events, and the music department

  • A “Spirit Fence” of sorts, where we could utilize the chain link fence around the school to add an eagle logo with Put-in Cups. If you aren’t familiar with them, they are little colored pieces that strategically clip into the chain link fence to form a design.We can create lettering and pictures, and it is going to look so cool around the school!

  • We need more picnic tables and benches so when it warms up the kids can spend more time outside soaking up a little extra Vitamin D.

  • Oh, there’s more…but we are going to need to work hard and save our pennies for the bigger items.

By fall we may be able to hold our school carnival, Mr. Boyle would like to run it in conjunction with Back-to-School night.  We all are going to be there for registration, so we might as well make it a party…carnival style!

So, as you can see, we have lots of ways to get involved.  If you see a need, identify it…let’s discuss it…and find a way to make the school even better.

Let’s fill our kids minds with happy memories of when they attended the best school ever – Taylor’s Crossing Public Charter School!  Go Eagles!