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PFA Past Contributions

Put-In Cups for School Fence

In 2021, our school community came together to enhance the main driveway and playground fence with a vibrant and spirited display. Using long-lasting plastic clip-ins, we proudly spelled out "Taylor's Crossing" accompanied by our majestic eagle logo. This creative project not only beautified our school grounds but also instilled a sense of pride and unity among students, faculty, and visitors alike. The colorful display serves as a daily reminder of our collective spirit and the enduring support of our PFA and community members.

Sound System in the Gym
Grass Soccer Field
Picnic Tables for the High School Outdoor Area
Playground Slide
Science Fair Prizes

The PFA proudly supports budding scientists and innovators by providing exciting prizes for the annual Science Fair. We celebrate academic excellence by awarding the top three student projects in each mandatory grade category—6th, 7th, and 9th. Additionally, we encourage younger students from lower elementary (K-2) and upper elementary (3-5) to explore the wonders of science, offering prizes for the top three entries in these optional categories. All grades are welcome to participate, fostering a spirit of curiosity and discovery across the entire school. The prizes include engaging and educational kits like Leonardo da Vinci mechanical reproductions and various STEM exploration sets, aimed at inspiring our students' continued passion for learning and experimentation.

Science kits for students (younger) Science kits for students (older)

Birthday Books for Student Birthday Gifts
Brain Bucks for Middle School

The Brain Bucks program in the middle school recognizes and rewards good behavior, echoing the values upheld by the Soaring Eagle Awards in the elementary grades. Students earn Brain Bucks throughout the semester, which they can then 'spend' at a lively auction held at semester's end. The PFA contributes a range of desirable items for this auction, ensuring that the students' hard-earned Bucks can be exchanged for meaningful and enjoyable rewards. These items are not just rewards; they represent the tangible benefits of being responsible, dedicated, and engaged members of our school community.

Science kits for students (younger)