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22-23 MS Athletic Participation Form

Please Fill Out The 22-23 MS Athletic Participation Form Below

Dear Parents: Your son/daughter is a candidate to participate in 5th through 8th grade athletics and activities sponsored by Taylor's Crossing Public Charter School (TCPCS). The following items must be filled out, initialed and signed prior to your child being able to participate. This form only needs to be filled out one time for the entire year and will cover all sports in which your child participates.



Accident Insurance

Even though TCPCS provides trained supervision and the best available equipment, the nature of athletic activities may cause injury. The expense of those injuries is the responsibility of the parent or guardian. To protect parents from financial hardship and ensure that the athletes receive proper medical treatment, TCPCS recommends that each athlete have accident insurance. Please indicate below whether you have insurance or will be able to assume financial treatment. Furthermore, all parents are to assume financial responsibility for the treatment of their participant on their own accord.


Parent/Guardian Consent

I consent to the above named student participating in the interscholastic/intramural athletic programs for TCPCS. This consent includes travel to and from athletic contests and practice sessions. In the event (as a parent/guardian) I am not available, I will be responsible for and give permission to the administration or teacher in charge at TCPCS to solicit and to obtain emergency medical treatment in the event of an accident or illness involving my child resulting from his/her athletic participation.

Assumption of Risk Statement

This warning is to you as the parent / guardian of the participant of athletics at TCPCS. This warning is to notify you of the inherent risks involved in athletic participation in general. This list is not all inclusive as there are other injuries which can occur to you while participating in athletics. The forewarning and partial list of injuries is given to you to make you aware of the inherent dangers and risks involved while participating in athletics/activities. 1. Head injuries that may result in brain damage, coma and/or death. 2. Spinal injuries that may result in quadriplegia, paraplegia and/or death 3. Strains that may result in torn, partially torn and/or stretched muscles/tendons 4. Sprains that may result in torn, partially torn and/or stretched ligaments. 5. Contusions 6. Lacerations, abrasions, and other flesh wounds that could result in infection 7. Internal organ damage such as a ruptured spleen or kidney. 8. Loss of a limb or vital organ of the body. 9. Cartilage damage in joints of the body There are numerous other injuries/illnesses that are not on this list. This forewarning is to make you aware of the seriousness of possible injuries that can occur to your child while participating in extracurricular activities at TCPCS.


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