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Get Involved with the PFA

Who doesn't love having fun while making new friends, gaining new experiences, and embarking on adventures? If that sounds like you, SIGN ME UP!

Volunteer Opportunities Abound

There are countless ways to volunteer with the Parent-Faculty Association. Whether you have time for a single event or can contribute to every activity, every minute of your involvement is invaluable. We thrive on fresh ideas, new passions, and we celebrate every volunteer's unique talents!

Why Your Role Matters

Our team is diverse, encompassing a wide range of personalities, abilities, skills, perspectives, and availability. This diversity is our strength and is what makes us most successful in supporting our staff, students, families, and school.

Join the Effort

Consider volunteering your time to make a significant impact on your child's school experience. Check out the PFA Events page to explore past successes and upcoming opportunities. For more information, feel free to call or visit the school. We can't wait to see you at the next PFA meeting or event!