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Good News - School Protocols

Posted Date: 11/16/2022

To the Parents, Guardians and Students of Taylor’s Crossing,


There are a lot of great things happening at Taylor’s Crossing recently. We have been awarded a Gold Medal in “The Best of Idaho Falls” contest, for starters. This is a great recognition of the teachers, staff, students and families that make up our school. We have been busy installing heat tape in our gutters and getting the power to that heat tape in hopes of creating a safer environment around the school. We are trying to address the physical concerns of the school as they arise and we appreciate your patience as we try to work through those things. 


One aspect that is always nice to rely on has been our heating and air conditioning. I want to assure all of you that we try out best to regulate the temperatures of the classrooms and individual areas so the students are comfortable and protected from the elements outside. With that said, I have noticed a number of students that are bringing blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, etc. We are a school, not a home. I am glad that the students feel comfortable in bringing those items to school, but unfortunately, it causes distractions to the learning environment. We are always in the practice of teaching time and place, and this is no different. This is not the place for blankets, pillows and stuffed animals or any other items that should be kept at home. I am asking that you please check your student’s belongings before coming to school and make sure that they are not bringing pillows and blankets.


Thank you for your time, 


Seth H. Boyle

Seth H. Boyle

Administrator / Assistant Athletic Director

Taylor’s Crossing Public Charter School

(916) 420-7057