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LCA's and Make-Up Time

Posted Date: 01/23/2023

To the Parents, Guardians and Students of Taylor’s Crossing,


We are now into our second semester beginning today, January 23, 2023. Time sure seems to go by rather quickly. The first semester brought with it a lot of changes for our students, teachers, staff and families. After a solid couple of years with COVID protocols, we have tried to reinstitute some of the policies, practices and procedures this year that have not been enforced in the past couple of years. We are trying our best to work with you and we really do appreciate your patience as we work out some of the kinks ourselves. In short, we don’t have a rule for every single practice that we have on campus, nor do we feel the need to, but we do want to thank you for your insight as we have gone back to some stricter enforcement of the rules, particularly as it pertains to attendance and grades.


One thing I learned with regard to LCA’s that I had not thought about until it was too late, is that it is difficult for a student to make up all the LCA’s they have if we do not offer enough hours for them to make it up. Our attendance policy allows for 6 absences and when students have to make time up over and beyond those 6 absences while still having poor attendance (absences and tardies), it makes it difficult for one to ever get ahead with regard to make up time.


I would like to clarify just a couple of things as we move forward into the second semesters as it pertains to LCA’s.
1) LCA’s and loss of credit time restarts effective today, January 23, 2022 for the new semester. Everyone starts out with a clean bill of attendance.  

2) If a student is absent from a class, it is counted as 1 hour missed instruction. If a student is out with a doctor’s note, the absence counts as .5 hours against them. Please provide us with Dr.’s notes so the absences are not counted as a full hour against them, particularly if the student is gone for an extended period of time. 

3) For the second semester, we will have 4 Saturday schools which is equal to making up 16 hours of LCA’s. We will have 2 after school detentions for the four months (1st and 3rd Thursday’s) which is a total of 8 more hours of make-up time. Combined, the most a student can make time up for LCA’s would be 24 hours of missed class. Please make note of this as if your student misses 30 hours of class time, there is no physical way possible for them to make up the time.


Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.


Thank you for your time, 


Seth H. Boyle

Seth H. Boyle

Administrator / Assistant Athletic Director

Taylor’s Crossing Public Charter School

(916) 420-7057