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Transportation and Busing

Posted Date: 02/01/2023

To the Parents, Guardians, Students and Staff of Taylor’s Crossing,


Recently, we have experienced unique weather that has resulted in quite a few changes to our school calendar. Personally, I have never experienced such cold weather and so it was quite a learning curve for me. I am relying on people who have been in the area for some time to help make some of these decisions. I don’t think I have ever experienced negative degree temperatures. Wow! I think I am still trying to thaw out.


Moving forward, I do have some concerns about how we can mitigate disruption to student’s attending school. From the past few days, I have learned that the standard for school cancellations stems from a certain temperature (wind chill included). Obviously, as temperatures get to a certain degree, it is a serious safety concern for everyone. We do have snow days built into our calendar and we try to be judicious about how and when to use days off due to weather. In retrospect, I am grateful that many other schools followed suit the past few days so I didn’t look like a wimp who doesn’t like cold weather.


I do want to thank everyone for responding to our call, asking to bring your children to school this morning after learning that the buses were unable to start. I know a few families that also had issues with their cars starting. I do have some serious concerns moving forward as it pertains to these unique weather situations with transportation in general. Please check your email or text messages on very cold days, so your children are not waiting at a bus stop in these frigid temperature.


A major concern of mine comes after I learned today that a neighboring school district had buses start their routes, picked up students and then their engines froze up and they stopped working. Knowing that a bus may have students as passengers in very low temperatures not working on the side of a street is something I am not in favor of experiencing.

I know this does not happen too often, but in cases where temperatures are potentially preventing our buses from functioning for the duration of the route, I would prefer to have parents bring their children to school. I know this is an inconvenience for some, but I also know that this would occur very infrequently.


In the best interest of our students, we will be communicating with our transportation company when temperatures threaten to have our buses run at anything less than 100% and will notify parents that you would need to bring your children to school that morning. I hope you understand the need for us to make sure our students can arrive to school safely so as to avoid them being stranded on a bus somewhere with very cold temperatures. 


Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Thank you for your time,


Seth H. Boyle

Seth H. Boyle

Administrator / Assistant Athletic Director

Taylor’s Crossing Public Charter School

(916) 420-7057