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Parents Visiting School

Posted Date: 03/06/2023

To the Parents, Guardians and Students of Taylor’s Crossing,


We are very appreciative of the time that parents take out of their busy schedule to come and help around the school when there are needs. We recognize the number of adults who volunteer their time throughout the day to come read with students, do math with students and in general, provide more assistance and support to our school and our teachers. Thank you so much!!!


With that said, I am writing this letter to tie up some loose ends with regard to school visitations. Our goal, first and foremost, is the safety of our students. I know that you have those same concerns as parents and hope that you can support us as we try to clarify protocols that we have when visiting the school. I am not sure what the expectations have been in the past and we have had a couple of years where we limited the amount of people we allowed into the school due to COVID, but I think it is important that we maintain a level of respect for our teachers during the school day.


I understand that we have the occasional birthday treat and other special occasions that parents want to bring to their students and classmates. This is fine, however, there are some liberties being taken that we need to tighten up a bit for the sake of the safety and respect for our teachers.


As we move forward, I would ask that the following guidelines be adhered to when visiting the school during school hours:

1) You need to check in at the front office (parents are not allowed to drop in unannounced due to the fact that our teachers are teaching during the day and it interrupts class instruction).

2) If you are bringing treats for a special occasion, they will be left in the front office and the student who they belong to will be called up to retrieve them or they will be delivered to the classroom.

3) Parents will only be allowed to go to a classroom if they are a volunteer or if it has previously been arranged with the individual teacher. When checking in our clerical staff will call the teacher to verify an appointment.

4) When a parent is allowed to visit a classroom, it is not appropriate for them to go to other classrooms or areas of the school where they were not originally intended to go. The visit should not take away time from teachers teaching and should be limited to the original intent of the visit.

5) Parents should not overstay their time in the class if they have an appointment. Our teachers don’t want to be disrespectful, but they do have students and curriculum to go through as well as preparing for classes.


Again, we appreciate your willingness to volunteer, we just need to be sure that we limit the disruptions to the classrooms and to respect the time for our teachers.


Thank you for your time,


Seth H. Boyle

Seth H. Boyle

Administrator / Assistant Athletic Director

Taylor’s Crossing Public Charter School

(916) 420-7057